Monday, August 18, 2014

Coriander Wedding Studio Of Love!

So, what the heck is going on these days at Coriander Girl?! If you've visited the shop recently you may have noticed that things are a little different. The first thing we did was open a wedding studio! Not far from the shop near Brock and Queen (77 Florence St. to be exact), this gorgeous loft space allows for the growth of the wedding department. Tellie and the team have the opportunity to take on larger scale weddings and focus their talents solely on making your special day the most beautiful wedding day imaginable. This allows for the shop to focus on you, our lovely and loyal customers! You may already know Chloe and Dianne, but for those of you who don't, please visit the shop and meet these delightful and talented women. And for those of you who miss Harry(the shop bunny) and Olive(the shop pup) they still visit occasionally and we'll Instagram when they do, there is a new little shop pet that you have to come meet. Dianne has a little baby lovebird named Lucy and she is as sweet as peach pie! And of course the newest member of the Coriander fam, little Hattie Hogan has arrived and I'll be sharing that story soon!
Much love! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Lovely folks,

As you may already know, exciting changes are afoot! A Coriander baby joined the family this week and she's cute as a peach. Also, we've got a fancy new wedding studio whose doors are set to open soon.

To keep up with the pace of things - and give us time to move furniture, we've elected to close the shop, temporarily, for two weeks.
Please note:

  • From June 30 - July 14, our shop will be closed
    • Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate new flower orders that fall during this period.
  • On Tuesday, July 15, our shop will reopen and we'll resume regular hours:
    • Tuesday through Friday, from 11 am to 6 pm;
    • Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm; and
    • Sunday, from noon to 4 pm.

For all wedding inquiries, please connect with our wedding coordinator, Tellie Hunt, via email at

We look forward to catching up/sharing details about the wee babe and studio with you in two weeks.

Until then,

xo The Coriander Team

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our little lady is due today!

Our little girl is due to arrive today! 40 weeks of baking this little bean and I think I can officially say we're ready....well....sort of. 
How do you prepare for the coming of a human to join your blissful party of 2? You read a couple books, you buy all the necessities, try to prep your business for your absence and you wait. 
It's been an extraordinary nine months. I've watched my skinny little body morph into a voluptuous round curvy ball of bodacious-ness. Of course, I won't mind losing a few pounds but I love my curvy new bits. I think I look healthier than I have in years. And my skin! What the heck?! It's the glowy dewy perfection I always wished for in high school! These hormones have definitely helped me more then they've hurt. I know I'm lucky in that regard, don't hate me ladies, when the clock strikes twelve it's pumpkin time and this luscious mama might just shrivel up like an ol' prune. 
Truly, I have had a pretty awesome pregnancy, aside from the general exhaustion and some gastrointestinal stuff. I was never nauseas and actually at times felt better pregnant then not. However, I haven't LOVED being pregnant. If there was a check box with an alternative option for carrying a human, I might check it. For example check the appropriate box 1. Your husband, 2. A robot 3. A kangaroo  I'm okay with those options. Honestly, Tyler would have been a baby carrying soldier. He's been an absolute dream of a partner these last nine months, far exceeding my already high expectations of him. He's put up with a lot. It's amazing he can still fit in the bed what with all the pillows I've accumulated and demand be placed around me, just so. But if he were carrying our little noodle, I wonder, would he even burden me with his woes? Would he demand late night chocolate runs and abdominal massage at 3am? Probably no. He's a natural born nurturer and I simply cannot wait to see him with our daughter. He will love her fiercely and spend his days living to make her laugh and feel loved just as he has done for me. Man we are lucky ladies!
So, to wrap it up, our babe could arrive tonight, she's feeling low and walking has become a 
challenge. But, I also know that it could be another 2 weeks. What I ask from you dear friends is to wish for me strength and courage during labour and that our baby arrives safely and healthily. Imagine my milk flowing in like the white rushing river rapids of the BC mountains, or don't if that makes you uncomfortable, lol. Send me a speedy, painless recovery and a smooth transition back to our home in Prince Edward County. Our time here together in Toronto as we wait for our little one has been absolutely magical, it's like we've been tourists in our own city, like a honeymoon of sorts. I know I'll look back on this time with such fondness and carry these memories with me like little souvenieres.
The thought of labour actually excites me now, thanks to Ina May Gaskin. I'm going to the mountain, I'm going to bring back our daughter. I'll never be the same again and I'm okay with that.  
Much love.
Alison xo

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Did you know Coriander Girl is going to be a mama in June!!!! So, it's officially Alison's first Mother's Day! 

Why not shower your mama in flowers and love?! After all, she had to go through a lot to bring you in to this world...we need not share the gory details, yeah? ;)

Much love to mamas everywhere! 


Alison at 33 weeks! 

Pretty seasonal fleurs! Get your orders in now! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coriander Girl at The Drake Wedding Co. show this weekend! Saturday April 26th!

This Saturday, April 26th is The Drake Hotel Wedding Co show!! If you love weddings as much as
we do, this is one show you don't want to miss!!
We love doing this show for two main reasons, Catherine Lash the owner/operator of The Wedding Co. is the most awesome lady and every year curates the most amazing group of wedding vendors. You can literally find everything you need to create the most swoon worthy wedding of your dreams.
We also love this particular show at The Drake because it's really friendly, the vendors are not intimidating at all. Everyone is super helpful and excited to be there.
So please come by and say hello to Tellie our wedding co-ordinator extraordinaire!
Much love,

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Weekend!

Hello lovelies!

Coriander Girl will be open regular hours this Friday, April 18th from 11 to 6pm. Pre-Order your centre pieces for your week end dinner table by Thursday and receive 15 percent off!
We'll be open regular hours on Saturday from 11 to 5pm and closed on Easter Sunday.
Hoppy Easter sweet bunnies of love!