Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day mumma!

Happy Mother's day my beautiful Mumma! I love you soooo much! You complete me. Seriously, I don't know what I'd be without you're unwavering friendship, love and support. You're simply the best, Josh and I could not be luckier.
And to Tyler's dear mumma Penny, we love you lady, you're so special, so giving, so cute! I'm so happy you and my mum are becoming fast friends! And to my darling Nana(92 and as sharp as a tack still bowlin' strikes! Striker!) and to Ty's dear gramma Cecile(nine kids raised all on her own!) and Auntie Teenie and dearest Bogie and Martine and Martine and Aunt Debbie and Aunt Sandra and Aunt Ursula and Aunt Betty and Dara too! And to Rach in B.C, and to my sweet Lisa and to dear Daniela and Kat, and Sarah and Laura and Kerriander and Kristine and Judy and Sandy, and Micah and Liz and Mel and Catherine and France;> And to all the lovely mums who gave my friends life today, thank you. And to the awesome mums who bring their lil' doodles to Coriander Girl. And to anyone with doggies and kitties and bunnies and snakes, we're mumma's too! And if I've forgotten someone it's because I'm absolutely exhausted, you know who you are and that I adore you.
I love you all, you're amazing warrior women.
Alison xo


Sandra Dumais said...

Ummmm LIKE AS IN ME, SANDY!? God I just lorb you Alison. See you next visit to T.O, that's at the end of June okay?

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