Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn Weddings

It takes a village. Endless gratitude for all of you that help me on a daily basis.
This lady needs a dance like never before! Who's with me!!!?
Click here doodles!

Alison xo


Urbanstems said...

Im going to dance Im going to dance and have some fun!! Love it and the flowers lady C. Have a lovely weekend. Sinead x

Dokemion said...

Weddings are, quite frankly, a racket. EVERYTHING costs more than normal when it's for a wedding. I think we need to start forcing a change here. Let this be part of the revolution. No more price gouging for what should be a happy, spiritual, day celebrating love and commitment with family and friends. If brides stopped paying through the nose for things, maybe they'd stop ratcheting up the prices so high? Let's all stop buying into the hype!

Wedding Videography Melbourne said...

Wedding in Autumn is really great time. That;s why Most of couple decide to marriage.

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