Saturday, August 14, 2010


Coriander Girl is vermicomposting! What's this you ask? Well, a couple of months ago the 'worm lady'(Liz Broxterman) came for a visit to host a composting workshop here at the shop, she taught us about the benefits of vermicomposting for apartment dwellers, cottage goers, basically anyone who wants to compost but doesn't have a yard or at the cottage and you don't want to attract bears. She treated me to my very own bin of worms last week!! I'm over the moon about this as nothing makes me happier than doing great things for the environment. I feed the worms every week or so with organic waste from whatever I've been enjoying, for example blueberries, or an apple core, coffee grinds, etc, etc. And in three months I'm going to have some pretty amazing organic soil for the shop plants.
For more information e-mail Liz and! Yay for composting!

Little doodle worms and when I picked this one up he squiggled himself into the shape of a heart, I think that was his way of congratulating me on my engagement.

And a pretty arrangement to kick off this fine Saturday!
xo Alison


webb said...

My uncle used to "grow worms" in his basement - my aunt wasn't thrilled. But he made excellent - I mean really excellent - compost. I'd like to do it myself, but the hubby is not sold on the idea, and I honestly don't know where I would put a bin. Just be careful what you feed them. Uncle Pete fed them peanut shells - which they seemed to love - but he got some with a fungus on the outside. Ok for humans, but very bad for worms. You do NOT want dead worms in your shop!! Good luck.

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