Friday, July 2, 2010

Coriander Girl loves SCHOOLYARD

Coriander Girl is so excited to welcome SCHOOLYARD to the shop. Beautifully made aprons are sure to make a perfect gift for that special gardening friend of yours and vintage tags add a charming detail to any gift.
Katie and Hilary have this to say about their fabulous company, "Our shared love of colour, texture and pattern led us to develop a line of textiles and paper for people who are as eco and design conscious as we are. Recycled, reclaimed and organic materials are the starting point for everything we make. We are constantly on the lookout for the most environmentally effective ways to make our paper and fabric goods and bring them to you! The Schoolyard line is designed and produced locally out of our Toronto screen-printing studio." How awesome are they?!!
Well, keep on the look out for Katie and Hilary and me and Julio down by the Schoolyard, we'll be there in our shiny new aprons gardening up a storm!
Click here for possibly one of the sweetest little doodle moments ever! Oh Sesame Street, you know just how to tug at my lil' heart strings.
Dance and clap everybody for life is just so beautiful. Remind me of this next week when I have three weddings in one day. Oh lordy.
Alison xo