Saturday, December 12, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

A woman just came into my shop, she's been in before and I'm absolutely smitten with her. When we speak there is a familiarity and a comfort that I can't explain. If we re-incarnate, and I think we do, I am certain she and I were close, if not family.
Isn't that crazy!? To recognize yourself in someone and feel that they see and understand you without having to explain. It's a rare and wonderful thing.
She spoke candidly about her life and decisions she needs to make and as she was leaving she said she might not see me again depending on her choices. We hugged. "I think I'll miss you." She said. I felt that way too. Perhaps we'll cross paths again.
I encourage you this season to open your heart to connect and to allow yourself to be seen. That's what Christmas should be about. "They" want you to believe Christmas is about Walmart staying open 24hrs until the 25th. I hope you'll reject Walmart's Christmas hours and be bold this year. Write a love song to your partner even if you can't sing! Draw a picture for your doodle even if you can't draw, cook a meal, sew a tie, build a birdhouse even if you've never held a hammer! Just do it with love and you can't go wrong!
I made a lot of arrangements today with love in my heart and I know they turned out extra special for that reason!
Go love somebody right now. Throw your arms around them and squeeze, maybe it's yourself, it's okay! Lay it on thick people!

This arrangement was part of my contribution to the City of Craft fair today. I also gave two dollar tokens and lavender sachets for the swag bags and a forty dollar floral gift certificate! Be sure to go down to the Theatre Centre at Dovercourt and Queen today and tomorrow!

Alison : > xo

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