Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sundays are usually busy for me at the shop. I had a number of walk-ins and one phone delivery. Every time someone calls to order flowers I think it's a prank. One day I'll believe people actually need flowers from me. It's funny, I almost always say, "Who is this?...Dad?" Instead, I've learned to say, "Where did you hear about us?" It's much more effective. Affective? Effective? I know which one.

And then Avery and Reggie showed up! He's on the list of Coriander Girl's potential mascots. I hold auditions regularly.

A posie I made for Kristine today. She brought in her milk glass vase and said, "do something cute."

This orchid brought tears to my eyes. It is so completely beautiful.

I'm off tomorrow. I'll make a second attempt at doing everything I need to do from the bed. It's good to have goals.
What goals do you have for tomorrow?
Alison xo