Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Holloweiner!

Happy Halloween everyone!

The best day ever. What do we do on a day like to day? A day where anything goes! Carte Blanche! I challenge you all to really go for it! Even if you're at work, stick a bag on your head and run around the office, everybody loves Halloween even if they say that hate it. Go to the corner store and grab a bag of candy and throw it at people. Everyone loves a good candy toss!
I say be silly and wacky and creepy and carefree because today you have the ultimate excuse!
It's the 31st and I'm 31 today! That's a champagne birthday! Have a glass or two for me and just promise you won't let this day go by with the lights off and the curtains closed, you know what we do to those people.....


Avery said...

Happy Birthday!!! We're celebrating with a cool windy weekend at the cottage! Enjoy your champagne!

Amanda (Dear Frances) said...

This cracked me up! Because it captures the spirit of how I always feel around Halloween, even as a 32 year old woman with no kids. have been planning this year's costume for about a month now! happy fall!